Black Children Deserve The World

Black children are the most vulnerable, disrespected and unprotected group in our society. We want them obedient, silenced, and out of the way. We never want them to take up space or have a voice in “grown folks spaces”. We normalize, commit, and advocate for violence against them. We actively seek to justify and fight for the right to subject them to physical and emotional harm. We excuse violence against them that we’re outraged by when that same violence is against adults, particularly adult women. There are studies upon studies – there is research upon research – that shows that spanking children is harmful to children physically and psychologically. But we will still defend ours and others’ “right” to do “whatever we want” to defenseless children. We treat them and refer to them as property that we can do anything to. “I’ll raise my kid how I want.” We don’t value black children.

We don’t believe them when they tell stories of abuse – physical, emotional or sexual. We don’t fight for them. We don’t show up for them. We silence them. We ignore them. We minimize and dismiss their pain and trauma. We neglect them. We destroy black children daily without a second thought or else we watch in silence or open encouragement as they’re destroyed by others.

– Black children have the second highest percentage of reported child abuse (13.9%)
– Nearly 70% of reported sexual assaults happen to childen, and black children are almost twice as likely to be sexually assaulted as other children.
– In 2016, 101,825 black children were reported in foster care.
– Childhood death rates amongst black children have consistently averaged roughly 25% for the past decade, the highest rate amongst any racial/ethnic group. 25% of black children DO NOT SURVIVE CHILDHOOD.

Black children come into this world with the odds stacked against them and spend 18+ years being abused, abandoned, neglected, demeaned and berated by the people who “love” them – people who only care about “molding” people into whoever they think they should be at the expense of their actual humanity and mental/emotional well-being. We then shame and discard them when they can’t or won’t be who we want. We use them as trauma dumps to unload the pain and anger our parents gave us. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) are at the root of most of the problems we struggle with as adults. We cannot be better as a society until we treat our children better. Black children deserve so much more than we give them. They deserve the world and everything in it.

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