“Service With A Smile” Is Racism and Misogyny

A few weeks ago, I went grocery shopping with my daughter and as our cashier, a young black woman, scanned and bagged our groceries, I was struck by the fact that she seemed absolutely miserable. It reminded me of my days working as a retail cashier and server and how demeaning and demoralizing most ofContinue reading ““Service With A Smile” Is Racism and Misogyny”

How Fear Helped Me Survive, But Kept Me From Living

Over the weekend, I started watching “Atlanta” after jailbreaking my Amazon Fire TV Stick to let me binge watch it for free! I finished the first season last night and so far, one of my favorite things about the show has been the relationship between Earn and Vanessa, which resonates with me because it remindsContinue reading “How Fear Helped Me Survive, But Kept Me From Living”