I’m Not a Perfect Abolitionist, and I’m Okay With That

I believe in prison abolition. I am not a perfect abolitionist. I believe that it is not only ideal but essential to our survival as Black people that we defund police, close prisons, and implement practices within our communities that are divorced from carceral systems. And while I am still struggling with what that entails,Continue reading “I’m Not a Perfect Abolitionist, and I’m Okay With That”

We Are Failing Black Boys

I keep seeing this argument being made that black boys are being “coddled” and that this is why many of them grow up to struggle as men. What confuses me most about this argument is that it’s most often used in conversations about black men who have criminal records, histories of violence, low education andContinue reading “We Are Failing Black Boys”


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Nina Monei

Reader, writer, poet, teacher, dancer, artist, chef, creative, wearer of all the hats and teller of beautiful stories and painful truths. I write to liberate Black childhood and heal the traumas of surviving in place of living.

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