We Are Failing Black Boys

I keep seeing this argument being made that black boys are being "coddled" and that this is why many of them grow up to struggle as men. What confuses me most about this argument is that it's most often used in conversations about black men who have criminal records, histories of violence, low education and... Continue Reading →

Love Letters to My Firstborn (vol. 1)

May 25th, 2018: Today was long, and draining, and defeating. Each day, my daughter grows older and smarter and more fiercely independent. I've raised her to own her body, to speak her mind, and to question everything. I love that she does these things. I hate that she does these things. I try to avoid... Continue Reading →

Black Children Deserve The World

Black children are the most vulnerable, disrespected and unprotected group in our society. We want them obedient, silenced, and out of the way. We never want them to take up space or have a voice in "grown folks spaces". We normalize, commit, and advocate for violence against them. We actively seek to justify and fight... Continue Reading →

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