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Hot Take: Jack Skellington Is A Cultural Appropriating Piece of Shit

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Alright, Everybody Just Calm Down And Hear Me Out

I’m watching The Nightmare Before Christmas through completely legal means although I can’t promise that I’m entirely sober but it’s the weekend and I don’t have to explain my life to you. It’s in shambles. My life is in shambles. That’s the explanation. Anyway, I noticed Jack is kind of a selfish jerk. A fact that I also realize is so blatantly obvious that only a bigger jerk (me) would fail to notice that immediately. When he isn’t ignoring the girl who loves him he’s condescending towards her. One of the first thing he does when he finds himself in Christmas Town is a series of breaking and entering various homes with sleeping children. Okay, I’m nitpicking but I’ve already committed to this concept.

No, I’m Not Calm But I Need You To Relax So You Can Agree With Me


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